Phototheraphy Unit

1) Phototherapy with bright super flux LED based unit and 15 bright LED lamps >specially made for phototherapy treatment,
2) LED life time almost 25 times more life than any other conventional >phototherapy lamps, fifty thousand burning hours.
3) LED driver energy saving specially made SMPS electronic driver.
4) Treatment maximum irradiance at skin level with wave length 420 to 480nm.
5) Inbuilt Digital timer for Total lamp usage and patient exposure.

Radiant warmer

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1) Height : 1850mm. Power supply – 200V / 50Hz
2) Length : 1050mm. Heater Power – 650 Watt
3) Width : 6050mm. Fuse – 5 Amp.
4) Castors
The system is fitted with 4” high quality castors having brakes in 2 front castors. Antistatic castors can be fitted as an option for further safety in lieu of the standard castors.
Optional : The system comes with check baby alarm (1 – 120min.)